Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Blogger

I admit, I've been a very bad blogger. Abandoning it and you for 4 months. I'm sorry (rips back 4 perfectly good complicated rows of knitting as punishment).

Things have been busy here. First of all tackling computer issues. One dies and then had to get the other running. Then came my roommate having major surgery. Then moving into a 2 bedroom apartment using a car. No truck, no U-haul, just a car. Thankfully it was to the next building. That took a week. Yes a week to move my roommates apartment and get all my stuff out of storage. Oh and the 4 cats.

Once that all got settled, it was time for all the meetings to heat up. Our meetings are like alphabet soup. KTP, CTN/MRO, CAB, NAMI, SnB. Then one of those has 2 other meetings and one other has another meeting. I've also been appointed Vice president of one.

All through this though I've been knitting away. I don't have pics though because this comp doesn't cooperate with pics that well.

That's all for now. Next post will be more knitting less other stuff.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I haven't forgotten about the yarn pr0n. I'm nissing the cable o upload the pics from my camera to the comp :'( As soon as it's found it'll be coming.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yarn Fumes

The LYS was having a SALE and trunk show last weekend, and I got to hit it. YES!!! I got $80.00 worth of yarn for $40.00. It wasw completely awesome. Yarn pr0n will be coming withing a week. It was 8 skeins of yarn though.

I even got to educate my roommate too. She's had an interesting few months. From learning various knitting language "Frogged," to "The Yarn just doesn't want to be that," to who knows what inbetween. As a result, it did not surprise her in the least when she picked up a skein that she liked (she's a non-knitter), asked me what it could be made in to, and I walked over to the closest employee and asked her "How can I make this come alive." To back up for a moment, I also fell in love with the yarn when my roommate showed it to me.

We have reached a stash containment issue though. I'll be back with pics soon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WIP Count

1.) Pair of socks
2.) Math Geek Scarf
3.) Mitered Square Afghan
4.) A baby blanket that you piece together. Pieces are like little kites.

Amusing note to self for others to get a laugh out of

Note: When it comes to sock yarn (especially red Regia Galaxy), watch Jasmine (pictured below) like a hawk.

(Jasmine wearing a scarf made for my cousin)

I was knitting last night and cut one of the tails off the sock I was working on. The adorable little furball that thinks she is "Queen of the Roost" started playing with it. One second it's here, the next second it's gone. She ate the 2 or 3 feet of yarn. She's never, nor have the other 3 cats done that before. My roommate and I have never heard of it happening. What cat eats yarn?!?!?! Leave it to the Queen of out apartment.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I admit it....I've got Knitting on the brain

Yes I have come to the full realization of that today.

This afternoon I received the news that a friend of mine passed away. He helped me keep my sanity while we were both living in a place that was not for us with 3 others. He knew me at my worst.

I haven't seen him for a while. He went missing back in August, and was found last week in a field dead.

This is where knitting comes in. After the inital shock, I didn't want to go home. When my roommate asked me where I wanted to go, the first thing that came into mind was....a yarn shop, any yarn shop, just get me around yarn. I didn't tell her that, didn't want her to think I've lost it. She knows I'm nuts anyways. We went to a local store for a little while and then went home and I zoned out for the night.

THat confirmed it though that I've got knitting on the mind though. When I find out someone's died and all I want to do is go to a yarn store for comfort and solace. Only a knitter would get it.

Neil I'll miss you.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Update

I did get all the christmas knitting done. Didn't do the hats, but did get all the scarves done.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Will It Get Done?

Ahh the perpetual question for Christmas Knitting. Between finishing moving which got done on the 1st, trainings, talking to legislators, meetings, family, my birthday, Christmas parties, and all the usual Christmas stuff I'm trying to squeeze in 4 scarves and possibly 3 hats.

Will I get it done?? I'm starting to wonder big time. Two scarves are done. Two are under way. One on US 17s and one on US 10 1/2s . I sure hope I can get done. THe worst part is that during the trainings and meetings I CAN'T KNIT! I have to take notes. Gahhh. It's torture for this knitter in December to not let them knit while having them just sit. Ok, well pretty much any time, but especially in December. We'll see what happens in 15 days.