Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No knitting group for me this weekend

Yep, this Saturday I'll be staying up here in my neck of the woods and not be going to knitting group. On the bright side I'll be etting to sleep in and make some moolah. I'll either be helping with a birthday party or running a store. It depends on wether or not my landlord and lady are going to get a puppy this wekend. If they do they have to meet the breeders out in new york to pick the puppy. It's so exciting.

I've had more knitting time this week than last thankfully. Last week I didn't get to knit from Sunday night till Friday due to working on a fair and having a presentation to make to the board I serve on. Getting to knit on Friday wouldn't have happened unless I stayed home which I did. THat was also with bringing a wip with me at all times which I always do. By then I was experiencing knitting withdrawal. This week though, I've gotten to knit daily. As for the fair...I'm taking a break. I need it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life is Wonderful Completely non-Knitting, but bear with me.

I kniw this is completely non-knitting, but bear with me. This whole project has and is going to eat a lot of knitting time. I love my state. Before i go any farther I'm using orgage for a reason. It's the color for recognizing Self Injury and this is about just that. Back on the 15th I put in a request to the state to issue a proclamation to officially recognize March 1 as Self Injury Awareness Day. It's the worldwide day to recognize Self Injury. No nation's oficially recognize it though. 2 years ago New Mexico did. Last year the board I serve on and I tried to get the state to issue a proclamation to oficially recognize it. THey denied the request. Well, today in the mail was an official statement (our state's way of saying Proclamation) proclaiming March 1, 2007 as Self Injury Awareness Day. Now my friends really have to pull of the informational fair we're planning. Life is so wonderful today. I just need more time in the day for everything.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I finally spun enough to ply. Ok not enough to make anything, but enough to ply. Now to dye. It's been a busy week so not much knitting has occured. now that it's calmed down for the most part I can start knitting again.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well, I managed to go from 6 wips to 4 monday. While doing housekeeping I found a couple hats I started back before Christmas. I never even really added them to the sidebar. Well, after doing my housekeeping I satdown and finished them. Felt nice to get them done. I feel like I got something accomplished. So now My wip's are: Chaos, Alice Sweater, Irish Aran Sweater, and the Irish Hiking Scarf.
My spinning is going along really well.
The package to my SP will be going out on next Monday. I'm waiting for one last thing to come in. I've enjoyed this round of SP9. It was my first one.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life Is Grand

Ups finally delivered my 19lbs of Wool, Alpaca, and Silk that my firend sent me. Yes, 19lbs. Took a few phone calls to UPS to get it here. Apparently in their world I do not live here at my address and the house is not numbered. Heck, I've been living here since May and the house is numbered. Heck, the UPS driver knows our porch like the back of his hand the way he's here. Oh well. Here's some pics of what she sent. Only things that are missing from the pics are my huge smile, a shuttle, and a smaller drop spindle (for silk). There's also a cpuple pics of Cliona being cute.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Progress is slowly being made on my Aran Sweater. The ribbing has been finished and I have moved on th the pattern itself. It may have taken me about a week but I have finally completed 1 pattern repeat. The pattern uses the following stitches: seed, regular cable, wishbone cable, and blackberry.

My spinning is going along. Slowly getting the hang of it. I've spun all of the black wool that I was sent ith the spindle and am making a good dent in the white wool. The package from my friend was supposed to arrive today, but it didn't. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

I'm also working on putting the final parts of my SP's package together. With any luck it'll go ut in a week.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The spindle arrived Friday morning. I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Slowly being the operative word here. The real fun though should start Tuesday night. THat's when the stuff from my friend should be arriving.

The Aran sweater is goming along slowly, but surely. I finally finished the ribbing on the back and have gotten to the pattern stitches. I haven't gotten through 1 repeat yet, but it'll eventually get done.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Friends Rock and new frontiers

I ordered my first drop spindle today. My kit cost $10.00 and it comes with the spindle, instructions, and some fiber. I have a friend that I've known for years. She has moved out of state now, but when she lived out here she had sheep (along with other animals). Well, she has discovered that she has a stash of wool, alpaca, and silk. Even better is that she is giving it away! For free and all to one person! Guess who? Yep, Me! Yehaa. Like I said my friends rock.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year (non-knitting entry)

I can say it was one busy New Year's Eve here. I've mae reference to my Landlady's store before. Well it was packed on New Year's Eve, and then some. The store was even in the paper.

What happened was my lovely city did First Night festival. You could by a button and it would get you in to all these different things. Some of the things were: Magic shows, Hypnotist shows, Horse Drawn Carriage Rides, Trolley rides, and a bunch of other stuff. The city also did 2 fireworks shows. My landlady also offered 20% off on the Paint-Your-Own Pottery for those who had the buttons. He had nearly 40 families stay and paint. We're talking 3 and 4 people each when we're saying families. That doesn't count the people that just came in to look. The local paper took and have some great pics from New Year's Eve. They have 2 on their site that involve the store. One pic shows some people in the store painitng. Another one shows a pair of horses pulling a wagon and you can see the window to the store off to the left.

There are even a couple articles which mention the store too. There's one that ran the day after and another that ran the day before. The paper even ran an article about the lovely $100.00 a head gala at the Wauregan. Long story short: the Wauregan used to be a hotel; apparently Abraham Lincoln spent a night there; they removated it into apartments.