Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Blogger

I admit, I've been a very bad blogger. Abandoning it and you for 4 months. I'm sorry (rips back 4 perfectly good complicated rows of knitting as punishment).

Things have been busy here. First of all tackling computer issues. One dies and then had to get the other running. Then came my roommate having major surgery. Then moving into a 2 bedroom apartment using a car. No truck, no U-haul, just a car. Thankfully it was to the next building. That took a week. Yes a week to move my roommates apartment and get all my stuff out of storage. Oh and the 4 cats.

Once that all got settled, it was time for all the meetings to heat up. Our meetings are like alphabet soup. KTP, CTN/MRO, CAB, NAMI, SnB. Then one of those has 2 other meetings and one other has another meeting. I've also been appointed Vice president of one.

All through this though I've been knitting away. I don't have pics though because this comp doesn't cooperate with pics that well.

That's all for now. Next post will be more knitting less other stuff.