Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And At Long Last....

Pics of the Afghan finished. Naturally due to it's size and lack of a clothesline it is way too large to show in one photo. These are what I was able to get.
DONE One Corner

DONE (2) Folded and Tied up

DONE (1) All spread out. THat bump in the upper left corner is a footstool that is under it.


What a past couple months. With moving preparations, meetings, a so called friend sabotaging a non-knitting project that I've put tons of effort into, family problems, and so much more I don't know how I'm still standing nevermind knittin. Of course all I can handle right about now are extremely simple knitting patterns. Basically no yo, ssk, or anything along those lines. Simple garter and stockinette with minimal shaping. I'm still knitting though, that's what matters.

I would have posted sooner, but my laptop has been kidnapped by my roommate to be. I installed a MahJong game on it and she's become addicted. Actually It's rather funny. I just have to get the computer away from her long enough to get here and post. I'm at the library now where there is no MahJong so I'm safe :P Well, gotta run. Almost out of time. I'll update you guys more later along with pics.