Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I haven't forgotten about the yarn pr0n. I'm nissing the cable o upload the pics from my camera to the comp :'( As soon as it's found it'll be coming.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yarn Fumes

The LYS was having a SALE and trunk show last weekend, and I got to hit it. YES!!! I got $80.00 worth of yarn for $40.00. It wasw completely awesome. Yarn pr0n will be coming withing a week. It was 8 skeins of yarn though.

I even got to educate my roommate too. She's had an interesting few months. From learning various knitting language "Frogged," to "The Yarn just doesn't want to be that," to who knows what inbetween. As a result, it did not surprise her in the least when she picked up a skein that she liked (she's a non-knitter), asked me what it could be made in to, and I walked over to the closest employee and asked her "How can I make this come alive." To back up for a moment, I also fell in love with the yarn when my roommate showed it to me.

We have reached a stash containment issue though. I'll be back with pics soon.